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I hear the leaves to fall on my coffin
The seasons are ollowed, my skin remain young.
I have seen reigns to fall, destroyed from the wars,
I am still here, the blood make me to remain alive
This night. I will take to you with me
You will become my lady of darkness
This night the wolves will sing hymns in your honor
My teeth sink on your neck, hot blood slide
Portes-moi avec toi, portes-moi dans les ténèbres. [French. English: "Bring me with you, bring me into darkness"]
I will carry to you far from the death
I will love you in the centuries,
We will drink from the same goblet,
The blood of the virgin
I have tried to you through the time,
The woman who will dominate with me, on these poor men
Not there will be more diseases
No will be the suffering for the loss of one beloved person

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De Vampyrica Philosophia