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Die Herrschaft Des Bluts - lyrics

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[Part I. Dracula's Guest]
Pale faces hidden in the dark
Waiting for a new guest
This House have seen love. death. passion. war
For years. Cold rooms. Spider's webs
Strange shadows!! All around seems dead
Just a wind's breath
Here. the vampire hever ruled for centuries
But now he sleep in his bier
He don't taste blood by many years
But now. the meal has arrived
When the guest enter the house. look around
Strange picture on the wall
A dynasty of obscure rulers
Feel their eyes follow your steps
A majestic hall. ancient smell of life
You are tired. and you find a dusty bed
Darkness loull your sleep
Destiny has arrived on you
Rise from your sleep. this is a new life
You will be my creature and servant
Together we will conquest the world.
[Part II. Draculea, Prince Of Walacchia]
At midnight he rises from the grave
In search of victims
In search of blood
Through the forest. howling wolves
The fog follows your steps
He bring terror in this land
Prince of darkness. prince of death
Eternal life. eternal pain
Eternal taste of blood
Draculea!!! Prince of Walacchia
Draculea!!! Prince of death
Draculea!!! You are the impaler
Draculea!!! You are the immortal
With your power you take the soul of the virgins
And sucks their blood
Through the trees
In the Carpathian forest
He bring terror in this land
Prince of darkness. prince of death
Eternal life. Eternal pain
Eternal taste of blood
You become a wolf
You become a bat
You become like an infernal wind
You become a fog

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