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Marijuana in Your Brain - lyrics

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Marihuana inna your brain
Takes more time to ejaculate
Roll up a spliff and drowse away the day
With marihuana inna your brain
I'm knocking on your door
But you can't move no more
You're stoned (so stoned)
You old hippie in the final sky
Fluffy clouds are passing by
So stoned (so stoned)
Strange weeds a flutter in your mind
Worn out jeans are showing your behind
Spake cake with a bit of whipped cream
Herbal tea and patchouli
Marihuana inna your brain.......
Franky boy lie in the grass with me
Moon over Woodstock underneath the tree
Just blow (just blow)
Shockheaded yogi meditate all day
Flowerchild chase the war away
Just blow (just blow)
Revolution make your mind flow free
Peace and freedom and a love community
Psychadelic posters on your wall
Jimmy, Janice, yes you knew them all
Marijuana inna your brain........
One lazy summer at the festival
Old men aren't in a concert hall
No way (no way) ... ahh!
A spacy mushroom landed in your mouth
You couldn't tell your north from your south
No way (no way)
While all the hippies make love under the stars
I'd rather do it on the back seat of the car
Hare Krishnas mean the same old tune
The golden 60's was the time of fools
Marijuana inna your brain.......

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