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Thursday night - the feeling's right
Here comes the weekend, here comes the night
Gotta stay awake to stay up late
They don't give a shit, they don't give a fuck
When the music's high in their spacedout club
When the alcohol rushes through their brains
And they lose control with the drugs they take
Fridaynight - the feeling's right
This is the weekend, the second night
Gotta stay awake to stay up late
Don't wanna see the sun cos it hurts their eyes
Sleep the day away, come out at night
Pick up strangers, gotta get laid
Before the night is over they forget their names
Saturdaynight - the feeling's right
When it comes to Sunday they're riding high
Gotta stay awake to stay up late
Need another drink to sociolise
And a line of coke to feel real nice
Mondaymorn' they're in a lousy state
But they got three days to recuperate
Take me to oblivion
Make me forget
I stumble and I fall, got my back to the wall
I snug with the strangers flirting at the bar

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