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These Tower Walls - lyrics

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The words of the aristocrats echo in the Guardian’s head: This city has fallen out of balance. His
instincts told him what had to be done, but his oath of balance stopped him. And where has it
gotten him? Innocents dead, and a city that spits on the honor of his sacred position! No more
indecision; if the city will not listen, then he must take a new approach…
They are children in need
Disregarding their virtue for greed
I have given them freedom
and watched them suffer
I have shouldered their pain
All I received was a curse on my name
Bite the hand of their master
and bleed their brothers dry!
(You rule by) Mercy be damned
(Conscription) I held their hand
(Our choice is over)
Now I will drag them to the light!
My time at hand
Calling for vengeance to be done?
Your wish is my command
To end their suffering
The symmetry vowed in my soul
I let go
You will listen to me
There will be those who reject my decree
For the good of the nation
I end their blindness
No more praying in vain
I am your savior; call out my name
For the good of us all
I demand that you comply
These tower walls
Once they were sacred in my mind
Now shadow over all
To kill my suffering
The symmetry vowed in my soul I forego
Their silken words rang true
Now peace I shall renew
My mind is made
Freed from the irons of restraint
Release the Guardian’s blade
An end to suffering
The balance once found in my soul
I let go

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