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It's there in his eyes
The guilt of a thousand lives lost
In sorrow we ride
In search of the sword to save us
Behind us Celendas is burning
Before us the Neveren await
Surrounded by endless despair
I must lead him on through this waste
I shall sing to force him onward
Guide his fate
The Prince of Doom
The foothills of Scorn (where evil awaits)
The skies growing ever darker
A shadow that falls (Adratheon's spawn)
A stranger in black revealed
Above us the wyrmlings are swirling
Before us the son and the sword
The prince shall engage the pariah
His challenge will not be ignored
I shall sing to spark his fury
Misstep, missed note
Seals our Doom
From his slumber.
Comes a warrior
In his hands
The sword Salvation
I must sing
We must go onward
Has this loss foretold our door?
Our Doom

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Eve of Corruption: The Days of Astasia - Part One

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