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Last Pint Of Cider In Glasgow - lyrics

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We are the Bhoys,
we want the Bairds,
we are the Bhoys
we want back our Bairds.
Last pint of cider in Glasgow,
last pint of cider with the Bhoys,
last pint of cider in Glasgow
with the bhoys in white and green.
Coming from the Barras,
pint-stop at the Bairds,
singing with the owner, Tam,
singing with the lads,
the songs of your life,
the music of your heart,
drinking for the Bhoys,
waiting for the match.
Hail Bairds,
hail Bairds,
their law can't take my heart,
hail Bairds
hail Bairds
give back my white and green darts.
Coming from the Park,
on the Gallowgate,
searching for the friends,
searching for the Bairds.
The story of your life
the story of all the lads,
never deleted from your heart.
Dozens of scarves
hanging in the pub,
dozens of stories
from all over the world,
dozens of lads
crying for you, t
housands of pints,
missing for the crew

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