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I tried to tell you all my story
You didn't listen
Trying to avoid all of this, sick demolition
Prepare your minds for what's outside, cause now we're on a mission
Say our goodbyes, hug loved ones tight our enemy's in position
We're in a War
Fighting for everything we love and more
We're fighting for our survival
This disfigured spawn
Steals the light from the sun
Loads it in their futuristic guns
Out powered
Death is upon us with no fucking progress
Towards taking down their shields
We're eaten our last meals
Counting down the hours running out of fire power
This is our end
I've said that before but I will say it again
Screaming runs throughout the streets it really starts to bother me
Human slaughtering with no peace offering
Death awaits with no pearly gates
The violence in this scene has got no happy ending
Let's give it our all
Burning down our cities with their guns from the sun
Leaving us with no choice, but to try to outrun
Got nothing left but defeat while they're out for blood
Gone insane, I'm welcoming 6 feet below the mud
I tried to warn you all
But no one wants to listen
How bout now, we stand our ground on a suicide mission
Against all odds, it's our last shot steal back our ambition
Endless war
Chaos ensues while I am falling into a haze
Confusion strikes while I am slightly at ease was it a dream?
I woke up bloody in an empty field again
Will this ever end? The story of my descent
I've worken up in this empty field again

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Astral (EP)