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The night i saw the light
It wasn't a dream it couldn't be
Waking up with scars
Without a fight
Nightmares getting worse
Slipping deeper towards
Reaper- like creatures
It took me so long to believe
Now i know that they have to be
How will anyone believe me ?
Always waking up screaming
Cant explain a single thing I've seen and wake up again confused and repeat it
Someone needs to know
I understand this sounds like a joke
But before i woke a
monster took me from my bed
Bright lights turn my world red
And then the nightmare starts
Listen to my words
Were being watched to be taken over
Listen to my words
I have information
That you'll thank me afterwards for
This life could end in a blink of an eye
Before the end of my life
I planned for kids to continue my bloodline
We don't understand
a single thing were dealing with here
Not to plant fear in all
But we are so small
This isn't a test
Im sorry but there is no time for aim for their chest
We ever come in contact
We are missing our time to rot
Its right now
They will strike
Before the night is over
Im telling you you just got to believe my story
They're really somewhere out there like said before me
Though many lies are misinformed
The people of the world
Tonight's the bight they take our lives
Now i see a bright light
A craft approaches earth
Can you believe it ?
Im not the only one that sees this right ?
Our automatics defences are down no reason why
Multiplying ,terrifying
Everyone of this world
Consumed by fear
I see panic spread through the streets
No one has a plan for such catastrophe
There's truth in my dreams
Can you believe your eyes
This inhuman monstrosity
Unfathomable sight
Do they come in peace or do they come to destroy
Almighty reckoning
Is this repentance for destroying this earth?
Is this vengeance the toll of our sins ?
Deliver us from this nightmare
Of terrestrial might
The lies that we've been told
Was a desguise that lead us to a hole
now were stuck trapped in a corner
We weren't prepared for mass murder
Their weapons store the sun
They have already won
Flying crafts everywhere
Its hard not to just stand and stare
The end is fucking here
More entering our atmosphere
My nightmares are truth
We must prepare for the worst

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Astral (EP)