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Bloodshot / shave off / my skin / starve for
I become awake. Obey the feeling.
The greed is spinning.
Inside / black hall / my eyes / navigate
There is only myself. The gate opens alone.
Out burst / spit out / your heart / burn out
Nobody helps it even if I shout it's hard.
Open up / new world / beat up / the future
You should make something out of nothing
I don't know why I grasp this soul.
Express the emotion.
Do you remember? This will rises again.
Inside me, we squeeze all out.
Burn! we can decide the way to go.
Behind the remedy we have found.
We find it'
Deadline is coming faster.
Drugged by this sound.
This bang changes all around,
Spinning faster.
We squeeze all.
If I can't sweat and bleed for something,
All will turn into tears and leave nothing.

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