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Well, faith flies off the mountain everyday
No parachute, and no crash to see
Yes, my faith flies off a mountain everyday
And there's no parachute, no goddamn crash to see
Fly the little monkey up a telegraph pole
Sending out a signal to somebody, somebody
Somebody, please somebody
I want to hear a song that makes me believe in something
I want to hear a song that makes me believe something
I want to hear a song that makes me believe
There's something to believe in
I want to hear a song that makes me believe
Had a dream...
I was riding on a train that wasn't bound for glory
Riding on a train, the train was bound for hell
Riding on a train that wasn't bound for glory, that's for sure
Riding on a train that's bound for hell
The engine with human blood was damp
The headlight was her brimstone lamp
And then for fuel I shoveled in bones
And the furnace roared with a thousand groans
The tank was filled with lager beer
The devil himself was engineer
The passengers were a mixed up crew
The churchman in his battered suit
The rich in broadcloth, poor in rags
Handsome girls, wrinkled hags
Black men, yellow, red and white
Chained together, fearful sight
The dream was storming at full pace
The sulfer fumes burned hands and face
Wilder and wilder the country grew
Faster and faster the engine flew
Loud and terrible thunder crashed
Whiter brighter lighing flash
Hotter still the air became
So clothes will burn from each shrinking frame
There came a fearfull ear-splitting yell...
Yell Satan: "dance, the next stop's hell"
Twas then the passengers shrieked with pain
And begged the devil to stop the train
Stop this train
He shrieked and roared, and grinned with glee
And mocked and laughed at their misery
"My friends you've bought your seats on this road,
I've got to get through with a complete load"
You've pulled in the weak, you've cheated the poor
You starving tramp, you turned from the door
You've up gold till your purses bust
You've give a beastly lust
You've mocked at god in your hellful pride
You've killed and you've cheated, and plundered and lied
You've come across men and you've swore and you've stole
Not a one in body and soul
Body and soul
So you've paid full fare and I'll carry you through
If there's one
And here's a time when I ain't no liar
A land that will save you, a land of fire
And your flesh will scorch in the flames that roar
You'll sizzle and burn from
And I awake with a thrilling cry
My were clothes were wet, my hair stood high
And I prayed as I've never until that hour
To be saved from hell and the devil's power
At present my vows were not in vain
That I paid no fare on that hellbound train

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