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Vampires (The Light That We Are) - lyrics

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We are the dark side of the earth
We stop the world from turnin'
We are the frozen past that hurts
Because your Future's failing
And you can't keep destroying (Feel the rain)
We are the noise that you can't hear
We are behind your eyes and
We make the sculptures of the air
With all your dreams and nightmares
Because we hear your prayers (Feel the rain)
And now you're alone there
With all your sins and all the shame
You're cryin'
You're screamin'
Save me save me!
I wanna live like vampires
I wanna give you my life
And see through darkness with your eyes
We are the light that you can't see
But you can feel its presence
And you're so lost and you're so weak
Because you feel the violence
In every word you're sayin' (Feel the rain)
We are the ones you used to hate
Just cause we are not your slaves
Your orders were like petals
At the end your roses fade
At the end your roses fade away!
And now you're alone there
With all your witches in your head
They're dancing
You're screaming
Save me save me!...

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The Angel And The Rain