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You and I, we're just different colors
Different people, got different mothers
Dodging bullets, yeah, they missed another
No one's safe, better run for cover
To love yourself gotta love another
You can't get lighting without the thunder
The one you shot probably got a brother
They all say truth has been on the surface
I think they're scared to show us what's under
And if we knew, would it all be worth it?
Can't do much when we're just a number
You or me could be pointing the muzzle of a gun far away at a distant cousin
And we won't know cause they told us nothing
Ain't thinking 'bout lives while they pressin' buttons
I ain't above 'em, but truthfully, I ain't on either side, neither
What's with the leaking of emails then right around expect us to believe her
Dividing the people by building a wall as we all stand aside in the bleachers
I guess I grew up with a different belief of what I would define as a leader
Killing each other is killing our kind
Live in a prison that's greater than time
Hatred and greed are consuming our minds
Are we at fault for not reading the signs?
Turning a shoulder while little kids die
You be the judge if the morals apply
At the rate we are going we will not survive
Are you prepared to look death in the eyes?
Too much sin to get absolution, every day in the world there's a massive shooting
Teenage girls stuck in prostitution, been the victim of a war causing mass confusion
How do we come together as a race?
If God could speak to us then what would he say?
Make no mistake, ain't no escape when the infinite comes and determines our fate
Wait, I'm about to break, I been feeling pressure man, I never been a saint
Can you envision the picture that I'm trying to paint
Then maybe take a second and listen to what I say
Damn, I just gotta pray, I just gotta pray
How we gonna fly if we been stuck inside a cage?
All that we can do is try to live another day
Come together as a group and find a way to make change
Everybody working hard just trying to make a wage up on payday, In the same game, calling mayday
Ain't nobody tell me they would treat me like a villain as soon as I started building my music and all my fame came
I don't do this to be hot shit, I don't make raps for the profits
I'm making music for all of the kids that been killing themselves over gossip
I'm standing up for our people
For every religion that peaceful
Whether Islamic, or Buddhist, or Jewish
Or you pray inside a cathedral
I believe we can all make a difference
I believe we can fight off this evil
But the only way we'll survive is if we start treating each other as equals

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