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Have you ever felt like giving up (giving up)
It´s a life that proposed you so far (so far)
That you want to check out (check out)
You´re not alone and the top for all of us (of us)
Here Lucid
I´m your biggesst fan please drop me back If you get the chance
If you can´t then I woulld understand
You´re a bussy man and I´m just a fan no one cares about me no
One gives a damn really feel like you with me are the same
I know what you´re saying
I´m feeling your pain
Lately I want to get from other hand
it tells you which amuses head time and until you met
you just say my life within the last week
man I come up a flight can´t believe up with that cheek with a knife then
I just fainted when blood was in sight
next thing I saw was a hospital light doctor they seemed insane all right
All right
All right
All right
Insane all right
Insane all right
Insane all right
Who was the name check the pulse shock to the chest with elected folks paid in a way to a comatose while the parents outs now I wanna hold them close
BP 140 over 75 doctor went out to look at in the ah who was waiting to hear if it´s done and survived I said I don´t know why but your son is alive tell me you believe in a God this was the work of ones like it in that kid needs a father figure in hi life but instead he been watching that date up the white
Driks any fights
Report on the mic but it´s way too late now Joe we tried suicide
The beside the music will fully revived
Listen I´m honored that I can help all of you peoples I wish I could take away all of the evil no i´m not a psychologist or therapist death as the bitch it´s okay to be scared of it when you feel stuck deep inside of a ditch
Listen to these people to immigrants
No neither overdose over they sssaid you´re one don´t let it stop us you don´t gotta quit life

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