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My corpse is a ship, sailing to havens of Aurora
My flesh is winged with bones of my heirs
Twisted by the fire of glittering novas
I can see the godlike walls of my face
The emptyness of space is feeding my eyes
Beneath the pale guardrails of skies
Elder's breath invokes faces of reality
With claws of dust and soil, old lights and stars unborn
My corpse is a ship sailing to the havens of Aurora
I've seen the moving worlds of Nerval
Collapsing with fire in a barking space
Feeding the plagues, unleash scars of time...
And Old Worm stands at the edge of cosmic shift
Says that we were pillars of time
Elder's breath invokes faces of reality
Fountains of flesh healing his own wounds
My corpse is a ship, sailing to the shores of Nerval
There is no time without flesh to fade and rot
There is no life without dust to carry it...
I saw death staring at me like a blazing sun
Its eye, loud and deep, black as an eyelid closed upon tragedies
Oh who am I?
My reflection is a shade, which wastes my soul
Oh who am I?
Full of ugliness and beauty
I am the death which collects
Its unhealthy beginnings
The small dust of misfortune
Which freezes the heart
Before cold hands
Extirpate him
Of a fragmented cunts
The stars that surrounding me
What kind of light
Do they conceal?
As frosty nails stuck on the crown
Of the Antigod
The cosmic beast
Filled with pure darkness
The one who sleeps
Just behind the veil
The stars are haunting me
Calling me with their grim chants

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Smell of a Grey Sore