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was walking down the street one night,
The pub was on my left.
I’d ninepence in my pocket for
The spirit I love best.
They’ll put me in the wagon,
And haul me off to jail,
So put me back up on my stool and have another ale!
I staggered to a lady,
My wits so far behind,
There was only one thing running
All through my fev’rish mind,
Her husband fast approached me,
His mood was not the best,
My feet did falter then I fell—
My hands upon her breasts!
He grabbed my by the collar,
With fire in his eyes,
I got so scared I fell again,
My head between her thighs,
He kicked me in the stomach,
Then she began to laugh,
And as I fell away from her
I felt a genuine draft!

Lyrics was added by DevilDan

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