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What have we lost
what have we gained
from toils in times of grave indignity?
Where are the heroes,
the legends held on high,
born into the world to set us free?
A tempest’s gale from valley shadow blows
ripping into guilded hearts of stone
set your sights toward the eastern sky
and see the fallen kings begin to rise
We are the mighty, the valiant light of days
a hundred ages past the blood of fools
We shall overcome the shadow ‘cross the sea
and raise our banner for eternity
Atop the highest mountain
four men of valour stand
Awaiting Luna’s call to win the day
Gazing to the sky,
the wearied men can see
that hope on fates horizon
has come to set us free!
Hail rained from the heavens,
lightning crashed around,
chasms deeper than the ocean
sank into the ground!
The enemy had fallen deep,
the battle had been true,
and in the light of Luna’s Wake
our Heroes praised the moon!

Lyrics was added by DevilDan

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