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Potion - lyrics

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[Verse 1: ℒund]
Doin' doing what I do
Every time I come through
Know I hit it on cue
I eat it up like stew
Know I got trust issues, so I won't lie to you
I'll never leave you blue, cause I only speak the truth
Now I ain't saying that I got no flaws (flaws)
Cause you know I probably got 'em all
Staring at her phone, she want a call
From a lover who don’t really love her
Who don’t love her at all
Sitting on the beach in the summertime
Sipping out the coconut with the lime
So go on sit back baby spend some time
With me in paradise
In paradise
So tell me what you want, girl I'll make it be
Cause there's no one else that really loves you like me
Know that’d I'd do anything to make you smile
So baby spend awhile, just spend awhile
[Verse 2: Cresce]
She hit up my phone, yah
Sippin' from the potion
Girl you know the motion, might bust a move
I don't see opponents when I'm with you
When it gets dark I go dumb
I'm ponderin' far
So lost in your love
It's all that I want oh yeah
Real love is hard to find
Girl we might be a thing
If the stars could align
I been fallin' into this
In it to get intimate
Baby girl be feelin' me
She be downtown
With the standard clique
Lookin' for a man who got his shit on lock
Hit me up
All the niggas ain't enough for u shawty
She move 'pon me
Wouldn't know if this true lovin'
But that's ight
Rollin' up up in the booth I want u to my side
Pourin' up a cup or two and we off for the night

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