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My father told me once
Listen to me son
What's important in this life
Is to be a righteous man
Now he's gone and left me on my own
With a scar left on my heart
God, I want to live forever!
I will become a bard!
My best friend is a lute in my hand
Sounds of night I have played
Tales of king who conquered the dragon's land
Stories are hidden deep inside me
And I need to set them free
But I cannot do this anymore
Now he's sitting here alone
An old bard on his throne
Forever young
Memories of the fallen ones
Live in our hearts live in our minds
Forever young
Now I'm old, it's a misery
Oh my god, please set me free
Release me from this human flesh of mine
My eternal soul will be roaming free
What happens next I cannot see
Exegi monumentum

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The Curse of the Iron King