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American Dream - lyrics

Let me start off with the dreams that America made
'cause I think you got to see it through American ways
Do we tell you how society's addicted to porn
Did we tell you how we kill little babies when they're born
Do we tell you that our churches will never join hands
Although we're on the same battle for that promised land
Did we tell you how the music is nothing but fights
But it's alright when the news gets a story to hype
Did we show you all the money that we got in the past
But when we see the poor people, keep on walking and pass
And we keep the liquor legal though it's killing our kids
I guess a billion dollar industry is too much to risk
Some only mourn over the towers when they're lost and gone
'cause it messed up all the balance of their stocks and bonds
Get the picture in here, things aren't always what they seem
Come and step inside, it's the American Dream
When the fight strikes here you decide to play
Realize what goes on overseas everyday
America... Welcome to America
Doom all your children to foes and fools
'cause they can't lift a prayer in their only school
In America... Welcome to America
Cops don't listen no more, they only look
See some dark baggy jeans so he must be a crook
America's falling and to me it hurts
When they fight because they don't like peircings in the church
Are you willing to turn away soul who's needing God
Watch for these christians, 'cause most are fraud
Fakes and snakes that debate over the great
But wait, He preached love, why do we form hate
Why do we seperate, and fight for fate
We don't deserve this place, we get inside through grace
All sin, but America won't stand and act
On it's own map, we're too busy bombing Iraq
You complain about the violence when things get rugged
But you wanna take my God out of all the public
You don't make any sense when you complain, see this
Find a better role model than my Jesus
Land of the free, I say land of the lost
So I died unto me, nailed my hands on the cross
This is true freedom, put your fights in this
Because my God always said there'd be nights like this
You ignore the fact, that America's based
On christianity and not something you can erase
So I'm speaking in for all when I speak tonight
'cause me and my people goin' out with a fight
Life, liberty, justice, peace
I see all the Americans that trust this speech
The system is a lie, I can see it inside
When presidents smoke weed and they cheat on their wives
I don't want to be silent, keep the stakes aside
If I keep my mouth shut we're all doomed to die
So no matter what comes, it's about to get ugly
But that's how you fight for your country

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