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Turn it up and pop in a brand new record
And take a second for the secular weapons that say they're wreckin'
So there's Nelly, 50, Jay-Z and Missy
But no one's out to get me if they all sound the same
I'm out to change the way you think about
What goes in and out your stereo waves and bounce
Get me on the map now, this industry's wack
But I'm back to start a revolution in rap
So keep your kangols, hang with lame bro's
That strain for chains frozen, bang with gangs, no I quit
I don't want to be in that life, I got a grip
On what life's about and it's more than chicks
'cause I don't want to be another rapper out
That's leading kids to jail by the mass amounts
So can I get a witness, I'm 'bout to rip this
So kiss this, man that's just part of the business
Lights, camera, action
Now everybody welcome to the world of showbiz
Lights, camera, action
But I don't wanna see this world of showbiz
Take it for what it's worth, but I don't need to curse
I'm just praising my father God while sitting on mother earth
And I'm nothin' but dirt, but I was given a gift
To come and rock a crowd, like what, like this
You're wreckin' the people's lives, step in with evil eyes
Focusing on sex, those demons they come alive
You think it's just a game when they're out on stage
But tell me where's your favorite rapper when his fans catch aids
So peter piper picked a pepper, I'm a pick myself a pack of people
Pull them out this pack of pressure, pull 'em back and pack the steeples
So give me the track and I'll spray, I do it to show you a way
To better yourself and the people around you that sit down and ball everyday
They sit and cry about the piracy all over the internet
The record industry that's lookin' really don't get it yet
First... you take care of the people behind it
Instead of taking care of the one's who go and buy it
Stealing from the labels and it's making you nervous
Stop making crappy records and they may just purchase
They try to control you and the music you play
If you let me I could talk about it all day
But this is the end of my song
The radio's only give four minutes then I gotta be gone

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