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We’re in a critical phase
of human civilization that our survival
is really in question

There is generally a feeling
that something that there’s
something happening
People have been exposed
of course to the whole concept of peak oil,
to climate change, to population explosion

The doomsday clock keeps moving closer
Religious people are talking about the
End Times Present state of disorganization
What seems to be happening is
that people are beginning to realise

How many of these are real crises
or how many of these are crises
as a result of limitations of our belief system?
Where civilization’s structures become so rigid
and it can no longer adapt to the changing situations There’s a great increase in mental illness
There are signs of when these civilizations come
to an end

There’s a sense of alienation within the population
A very large increase in violent crime, social disruption
Some of the beliefs that
we have bought into affect the entire population so
And surprisingly an interest in religious cultism
As societies start to begin to disintegrate
These weapons of mass distraction
which are now falling apart as we’re seeing life
being exposed time and time again, every day, every week

What they’ve been distracting us
from is our true power, the true nature of human nature
Our power to evolve, our power
to become cells in the organism called humanity
And it’s an exciting story of our own power
to evolve our own true nature
and our own evolutionary destiny
Medicine started out as a healing art
to help others but over time and in our materialistic world
and a world based on corporations,
industries that thrive by making money off of sick people

But the environment’s changing
We are at this very moment in a stage where corporations are teeter-tottering because they can’t maintain themselves anymore
They’ve grown too big
and they have too little awareness
to maintain this world

And while they’re doing their destruction
of the planet, a new series
People are coming out of the old just like
we talked about The imaginal cells
But imaginal cells have a different vision of the world
And why this is important for us is
because it is a world of relationship

Nobody can get off the bus, we’re all in this together
We see that we are indeed really approaching
a change of civilization
It really is a lesson for us
We’re in the throes of a new evolution,
a new civilization is manifesting
Creative minorities arise
The imaginal cells are people that are saying
“there’s another way to do this”
There’s a better brighter image
that’s much more successful
than the one we’re doing

They’re precursors of the next level of our evolution
The fractal image will repeat itself,
it’s not a coincidence
We know where we’ve been, we know we’re going
And all I have to say is just stay out
of the way of the dinosaurs as they crash
And allow us to take over this planet
and bring in the new ideas that the imaginal cells will offer
To support and encourage our survival
as a civilization on this planet

Lyrics was added by Roky

Lyrics was corrected by DevilDan

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