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We Should Run - lyrics

I waited till the morning
Looking for every sure sign
Listening for footsteps
For whenYou will take me outta here
People keep on asking
When will we regain life
With the One who's for us
Rescue won't You come
Cause we should run we should be laughing
We should look and see that He is lifted
We should shout we should be dancing
We should call and find a Savior who's alive
Someone says Your building You pull and stretch this old life Re-shaping what I've broken Till I can see thatYou've been here People started smiling Lives are being made right With the One who's for us RescueYou have come!
Now we will run we will be laughing
We will look and see that
You are lifted high
Yes we will shout we will be dancing
We will call and find our Savior,You're alive
Now our feet will run
Yes our eyes they see
And our hearts rejoice
How Your people sing
Hear Your people sing

Lyrics was added by Jochanan