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You're Coming - lyrics

You're coming
It's a promise I am holding You to
Things aren't right
They're just not right Without You
And this darkness has been stalking me here Gotta take flight Gotta take flight away
Can You find me even when I am running
Gotta pull away While I watch and wait for rescue
And Your melody that sings us to You
La la la la la
Hey! Like a flash of light And we will see You coming
Then while the skies retreat Your glory fills our eyes
Shouts, building with the wind Your people they are calling
Gloria! Gloria!
You're coming
Make ready I will live and walk and breathe life a new
Never be a day When I cannot say I've loved You And its strength into the weakest of bones Gotta stand straight Gotta stand up and take
All the words that You have carefully left me Close my eyes
You're there inside my heartbeat
And Your melody that leads me to You
La la la la la
Awake awake
All that have been waiting
The wind holds your instruction awake!
Awake awake
Your Savior He is calling
Your heart can start is beating awake!

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