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Bad Dreams - lyrics

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That morning sunlight
although I tried opening the window
wasn’t here yesterday
The temperature of a sandy beach
and the color of the rolling waves
is quite different from yesterday
I maybe loved you too much
still I can’t get over you
So I tryna quit from thinking
But you never ever let me go
Am I stuck in my dream
This might be just a bad dreams
You were supposed to be here
With me with me
Baby can you feel me
Baby please just tell me
What should I do to make you stay
I been tryna find you
Baby tell me why
since when did we end up growing apart
In the long time
we spent together
didn’t you get lost after you got a little tired?
A day without you begins
I still don’t feel well
the bed without you is too big
it looks like I liked you a lot
it looks like you can’t understand what’s in my head
my heart’s been stinging like it’s been broken
The playful gestures
your eyes looking at me
I still remember
you, you
Do you have to leave
without saying anything?
please answer me
baby, baby
Bad dreams Bad dreams
It ain’t just a real
Bad dreams bad dreams

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