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Underground - lyrics

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If life is down the line, you can feel the vibe of the underground
No Christmas cards to send, no fortunes will be spent in the underground
Way down here it's hot, in my private lair
I might lose my mind, but I don't care
I'm true to my school, true to the underground
It's a nameless day, but we're okay
The underground is the place to stay
Lost and found with no hope for tomorrow
Goin' down?
If you're looking for a name, cuz you're all alone just go underground
You can have a lot of fun if lady wicked your way comes in the underground
Gotta get away from president hail
We ain't no playing tricks, just give me fix
Stimulate my brain oh yeah, I need the underground!
You want subterranean banana from your subterranean bwuana
Where it's hot as hell, I can serve you very well
It's a rumble in the jungle?
[Chorus 2x]

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