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Russian Roulette - lyrics

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We finally meet again
Let's play the game
I have a lot to waste
So we better raise the stake
You know all the rules
You know the drill
You just can't walk away
Unless I drop dead
This is the game of our lives
So let's find out who lives, who dies
Russian roulette is the name
Of this exciting game
There is a chance to survive
But as well you may die
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Spin cylinder, spin it well
Adrenaline fills the veins
Place the barrel to your head
I can see your shaking hand
This is the game
Where someone dies
Other gets lucky
And wins his life
Pull the trigger and wait a sec
This may be your very last breath
This is a moment of truth
Is it the end for you?
This is where the story ends
Brain on the wall, what a disgrace
I'm still alive, what a luck?
But my friend lost his life

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