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Smilesnif - lyrics

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Welcome to dimension where thoughts are away
And everything transcends a line frequency
Between these two lines a parallel of things that could not be
Welcome to (the) museum the exhibition will begin
Between our live - there's no time!
Shinning lights the inks on the floor are coming alive
Between these two souls - there's no space!
Forget all you know and live in a new way
With sacrifice, with heart, with mind, with soul and then
It will link each open mind to universe
Brushing in a wave this sweet mad fantasy
Where the smiley is sad and the weeper is happy
Between these two colors there's a real way of being
Welcome to 'myseum' you're now a part of this
Between our live - there is no time!
Only an exhibition showing (the) real art of life
Coming alive the souls - are they in space?
Don't be fooled by what you see at first sight

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