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Conquering Nocturnity - lyrics


Conquering hero fallen to sorrow. New to the disease. Never knew what it means. Faithless and blinded. Ever divided. Fallen the idol. Dragging his cross like shame.

I know your pain my son for I am whom it came. Feeding my poison soil when blood fell down like rain. When the spring never comes and winter falls again. Its winds will sting your skin yet there you must remain.

Eternal setting sun, darkens horizons, that wait above the soul, and heavenly bodies below.

Search for the golden light that's hiding in your dreams. A candle in the dark like love's grand sorcery.

And from my power - the sun into my eyes. Help me live my life for me and shield me from the lies.

Darkened horizons. The darkness within me. As shadows sweep the landscapes and fall into the seas. Power from darkness. One of life's great gifts. Darkened horizons. The world begins to shift.

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