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Tale VI - Dark Ritual (Hear Your Master's Cal.. - lyrics

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The words that I speak
Mahlebor will hear;
He will come, out of the void
Claim your vengeance now
Dark master
Your rest is over
It's time to rise
And now, hear your master's call!
Path in the end, there is no hope
For the host, contained in time
Will the flesh and blood
Restore the one?
Mahlebor inside his mind:
"Won't you stand and fight
Against the evil of the throne?"
A demon form from dark reborn,
And then surrounded by a force.
I try to ponder one last time
If I should go on
But in my inner self
I feel I must obey;
And once the spell begins
I know there is no turning back;
We've gone too far, far beyond
The point of no return
Rise! Rise!
Awake now from your slumber!
And after this suffering and pain
And he who imprisoned me
I'll slain
And I will come before you
From hell reborn again
And all mankind will pay the toll
Hear your master's call!
We're marching on
To the endless gates of doom
Reach the portal before
They take our souls
Or the city of Zelgian
Will vanish and die
Rise! Rise!
Awake now from your slumber!

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