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As fathers leaving all their flags of truth
another claims your eyes
with fires steeling sleep from us
we're evolving our disguise
In constant missing boredom
sits a child and waits for hell
he longs for all the dangers
but all seems far too well
A catchy tune leads a way to life
for those still here for fun
and heaven flirting wildly
with someone's lack of faith
Market selling answers
wrapping up your wish
have a dream for breakfast
and another one for life
Wise men count their fingers
and stare at you with
lustscience rolling on and on
there's no ending kill your trust
And as love comes passing through your gate
reflecting wonders dawn
you sense the world is sleeping
and you laugh at being late
And even as the fires gets you
there's always time for more
instantly with passion
you claim to be a whore
enlist yourself for freedom
buy a ticket from your god
enroll the killing drama
let your body serve us blood
In your righteous wait for nothing
beyond your sight where time will tell
we will all be facing answers
when we check out the hotel
When walking for the sunrise
distractions gaze our way
running for our safety
won't help in any way
we're here as weary questions
in a less sophisticated show
and you don't know the answer
but one day you will know

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