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When you had to
You always did what was needed
Others lives to be changed
Never stopped you from proceeding
Cut it off at the source
And stop the bleeding
If it had to be done
Then just set up a meeting
It's in your face
It's in your smile
It's in your eyes
Your handshake, dollar signs, all of the lies
It's in your walk
It's in your thoughts
It's in your voice
Big contracts, dotted lines, more dollar signs
When you're in control
It's not the families you're feeding
It's maximizing that profit
Or it maybe you leaving
You always took what you could get
From a very young age
There's always someone like you behind you
It's just a matter of days
Stepping up in this world
Relations severed
Stepping up in this world
Climbing this ladder
Cold hearted or heartless, young or old
Business is business
Everyone pays the toll
Cold hearted or heartless, bought or sold
When business is business
Everyone plays their roll

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