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Woke up to another day in this hellhole.
My mind fucks up my soul.
Sitting in this rubber cell of mine
With nothing sharp whatsoever.
But the mind is as good as any knife
That cuts to the bone.
I am a divine interception.
Cut as deep as my everlasting pain.
Blood flowing.
This crappy human medicine wont cure me.
I am immune to it.
My great salvation lies within
This suicidal mind of mine.
Join me in this wicked state of suicide.
Do you feel like cutting your wrist?
Do you have the feeling that you
Want to butcher somebody?
Do you want to see blood
And deep scar wounds?
Do you want to die
Or have a near death experience?
Then try my cure.
Take a bottle of Absinthe
And a handfull of razorblades.
Empty the bottle and I promise
You will wake up with either stab wounds
Or another persons blood all over you.
You scum! Kill yourself!!!

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Make A Change... Kill Yourself