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I never thought it could be so hard
We knew the words but who knew they'd reach so far
Now we watch as the pages turn
and chapters end to tear a childhood apart.
I never thought it could end this way
growing up getting older every day.
You'll find these days are long but life is short
we can't let it slip away.
We stood like statues watching leaves blow by
Nineteen years have come and gone
we lost it in the blink of an eye.
Still month by month the punches roll on us
watching twenty summers pass
feeling older all the time.
Life can pass you by
we traded our wide eyes
for cold closed minds
and tongues as sharp as knives.
What can the future hold
for kids with hearts like gold?
Turn on your TV set
find out your youth's been sold.
We had it good those nights
we spent with our best friends
we worried less about where we were
and how it all would end.
We turned our backs
on everything that could go wrong
all along, it was what we had
that kept us going strong.
I thought it would be enough to forget our mistakes,
but they don't disappear when you look the other way.
We spent so many years living our lives so carelessly,
when did we change?

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