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Benign Reabsorption - lyrics

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Calcified, ectopic intertwined
Organ fusion tissue severity
Attaching umbilical drains healthy tissue
Viable nutrients barely sustains frailty
Interlacing vessels, surrounding complexity
Evolving outside the placental network
Rejection of foreign vagrant
Clinging internally, undeliverable
Isolated fetus surviving past the term
Waning food supply, slowly dehydrates
Arteries swell and bulge, status soon unfolds
Shriveled skin tinged gray
Violent spasms, outward decay
Crumble, flake, dried away
Encased fetus exists as stone
Severing connection abdominal nuisance
Shed the life, reabsorption
Breakdown harbored mass to fuel the other systems
Vanquished, dissipate, nothing but a memory
A mere trimester of discomfort
Calcified, ectopic intertwined
No emission of quilt, natural mishap

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