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Our Love Will Never Die - lyrics

You've been drgged around
And your heart's been lost so many times
But baby, now it's found
I've been shot down
I've tasted all the tears of love and sorrow
In my life
But those days are fading
There's no more lonely nights of waiting
For each others arms
Love lives, love dies
But I can see forever in your eyes
Our love will never die
Love gives, love takes
But this time there's no mistake
Our love will never die
So don't make a sound
Cause your breath is giving you away
And I'm the air you're breathing
More than a dream
And the flesh is only half of what we're feeling
This love is healing
There's so much love we're making
There's so much love
Lying in each other's arms
(Repeat Chorus)
Our love will
Never die
You know my love for you
Never die
Can't you see it's shining thru
Never die
Cause I know you feel it too
You are my love, you are my life
And our love will never die
(Repeat Chorus)

Lyrics was added by AdellaRaven

Mitch Malloy