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The Land Of Go - lyrics

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Come with me, honey
To the land of go
Ain’t stoppin’ nowhere
Ain’t goin’ slow
There’s wheat and thistle
In the land of go
And many gristle
By the fire’s glow
You’ll feel so woozy
Come along with me
The Earth looks juicy
Underneath your feet
Hoot owl and possum
Will guide you there
Past yawning chasm
And hornet’s lair
Down by the corn wall
On a morning glee
Here come us singing
While the backhoes cree
You’ll find your quarters
Underneath a tree
Just hang your chainmail
In the salty breeze
Touch not the dial
On the radio
Its set for laughter
Anywhere you go
Won’t you come with me
To the land of go?
Just put your hat on
Cuz it’s time to go

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