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Yo lowkey this is the greatest thing I've ever made
Tho I say that about everything I make
Cuz' everything I make is amazing
Rick Ruben, wrist movin', sauce whippin', I'm the man
Rollin' blunts in the sand, bad b*tches gettin' tan
All bricks when i walk, diamonds when I talk
Lobster on my plate, brody get a job
Sauced up, purple in my cup
Don't tell me how to live, don't call me say "What's up?"
This is not yo f*ckin' life, couldn't handle all this ice
All my diamonds bright yeah
All my pockets, tight
This that summer night sh*t
Windows down just to see the f*ckin' sky sh*t
I'm a legend where I live so don't try sh*t
Rock wit' it, rock wit' it
Catch a vibe sh*t
You don't know sh*t
24 karats on my wrist, Bruno Mars
Bad little bitty she gon' latch on to my arms
All jokes aside I'm a rich young man
You a joke, you a lie, you a b*tch young
b*tch thought I told ya, got money like Oprah
My diamonds all frozen, I think I was chosen
I said I ain't boastin', we mixin' the potion
Young boy you a poser, my dad raised a soldier
f*ck your composer
You thinkin' you cute
All of the things that you buyin'
But inside you crying
You know that it sucks to be you
Flexin' on insta, but you know you nothin'
You chose to look like a fool
What can I say?
You chose to live like a fool

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