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Billy Had to kill it
Beat so sick I'm pukin'
I just had to do it
I just had to do it
Hol' up, Hol' up where the bass? (aye)
Yo b*tch butter face (aye)
Please stay out my space (aye)
Weed from outer space
I'm just tryna get the face
Off of the rip
I just took a blue pill
Shout out Matrix
Flex off the wrist
Break your neck with a twist
Sonic Hedgehog with the dip
Aye we just gettin lit
You a b*tch
Im a skrrt off in the foreign
All this money get borin'
Drive around like a tourist
Forza 4, in the porsche
You a moron, you a dork
Eatin' lobster, with a fork
This was my dream
All of my diamonds are clean
All of my b*tches are mean
All of this time that you wasted on chasin'
I put in the work, now I'm off on the bases
I'm up on the stages
I'm in all the pages
I'm rockin' the stages
You basic like cable
You still in the basement
Get up out my face
(wha wha wha wha wha wha)
I was 18, yeah, drivin' in a wraith aye
Neck cold like rain
Burr, Gucci Mane
Let it bang, Let it bang
All this money insane
5 star GTA, beat insane
Get a little taste of the sauce that I bring (x2)

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