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Heaven made you for good reason
And destructive character traits
Got some space as well
Moon is white,
Sun sometimes orange
Not meant to be disconnected
From the setting of our time
I would like to make
With our great creator
But his doorbell I can’t find.
Church on Sunday is simply
Not my motto
Still I got a lot of lived religion
On my mind
Thank you for ten thousand
And the ability to decide
Thank you for the motor creativity
And for the difference between
Low and high
Thank you for the words
A better world
Though we got worse
Some are still waiting for surprise
Thank you for the truth including
Lies and for my hope
That I’m still alive
Heaven made you right in heaven
And changing of the seasons
Has been made
In heaven right as well
Though time is quick,
Life’s sometimes boring
We’re meant to be creators
Of the sunset and the rise
I would like to make
Have a chat with
our great instructor
The voice answering is mine
To say a little prayer
Has to soon become my motto
Things are so religious definition,
Not defined
– Chorus –
How could heaven made
You for no reason
When attitude of questioning
Got some space as well
Moon is gone (or not),
When sun is shining
Someone meant to be
Creator of this
Well functioning game
I would like to make conversation
With all living people
Questioning aside
To have good communication
With someone I can talk to
Is officially religious
And religion’s hard to find
– Chorus –

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