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Sir, What's Your Name? - lyrics

Can I get your licence maybe
To see what is your job?
Can I see your first-class-ticket
Otherwise I got to throw you out!
Can I write your name and address
That maybe one day you can
Be caught?
Perhaps I am just following the
Wrong impression
But sorry I’m just doing my job!
Hey sir, don’t you see
That we are just sitting here
Breathing life and hadn’t fear
Until you start your operation
Can you give your signature
To make sure you understood
What you read?
Can I take a look at your
Bank account
Just to see if what I give
I can get back?
Hey sir, take a seat
Just because love’s in need
And we are actually
Nice and peaceful people
To hang around with
Did we forget to see
That all will have its reason
At the very end?
Can we comprehend the moon,
The sun, the season
Standing hand in hand?
Can you maybe say exactly
The time you left your home today?
You actually cannot tell me
That you ain’t got one
Everything shall have its place!
Please don’t make me interrupt you
But it’s me the one supposed
To talk!
And that is why I didn’t get
A clue of what your peacemakers
Were laughing about!
Hey sir, what’s your name?

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