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Love + Fear (Trailer) - lyrics

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I know it’s hard to be soft
I know it hurts to be kind
I know that when love is lost it’s only fear in disguise
But I still believe the world is beautiful
And I still believe only the weak ones are cruel
I know so many boys and girls
People all across the world
We walk and talk and think alike
And we all cry the same tears at night
You don’t know me like you think you do.
Ever since my dreams changed I came crashing down like a paper plane
But nothing ever stays the same and all I know is life is strange
I carry along a feel of unease
I want to belong like the birds in the trees
But I’m a machine. An emotional being.
And I smile with tears in my eyes - waving goodbye to the suckers in my rearview mirror Cause true hearts, they never lie
I like to think about how we all look from afar
People driving fancy cars look like beetles to the star
The missiles and the bombs sound like symphonies gone wrong
And if there is a God they’ll know why it’s so hard
You’re not living in this world alone.
We all live in the same universe where the stars collide as the planets turn
Find me
In another place and time
All of the days that we spend apart my love is a planet revolving your heart
I can see the flowers now, and the greenery
I take a breath of air and I feel free
No longer too afraid.
Love + Fear

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Love + Fear

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