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Mmm hmmm, yeah
BK, Uptown, Boogie Down, Queens
It's beautiful
Listen, I got a lot to say (yeah)
Usually my smile stay locked away
But not today, I have to laugh
On the real the Aftermath's kind of ill like I'm Dr. Dre
Sometimes I run to the club and get faded
It's funny how you get jaded, I just hate it (just hate it)
But this song gives a different kind of feelin'
It's a new kind of dealin', it's a special kind of healin' (uh huh)
And I can show what it is
Best flow in the biz? You know what it is
Positive over negative, see the Ace a Masta
Even when I face disaster (that's right)
I rise up above
See, people still showin' me love
Get the respect without droppin' a check
This hip hop thing might stop in a sec
So this brand new ish, you can pop in the deck
It's beautiful
It's beautiful
Yeah, this is brand new Uptown still in the box
This is the Yankees, 10-nothin', killin' the Sox
This ain't huggin' the block wit' a gat in ya hand
This is ??? on the Catamaran (that's right)
With the sun beamin' down while you sat in the sand
I feel like I'm more than a cat wit' a plan
This feels like it's more than a flash in the pan
This is milk in the cup and cash in ya hand
This is a warm coat on the coldest night
That's why I stole this mic, y'all don't hold this right (nope)
First in a class of many
This is a bottle of Jack and a glass of Henny (that's right)
Now drink it up 'til there ain't nothin' left in it
I'm reppin' it, BK, that's a definite
There's more of these amazing rhymes
A song like this in these days and times is beautiful
It's beautiful
(I'm wishin' on and on and on...) the most beautiful thing ever
And it's here to bring terror to the bling era (yeah)
You can feel it in ya inner
It's like Grandma's house, Thanksgiving dinner
It's like a day in the park
Or at night when you get the ball and you play in the dark (swish)
It's that street corner music
Where most cats when they pull that heat go and use it
I see a black man aimin' his gun
But I'd rather see a black man claimin' his son
You know the sound is pretty
Even when you got to get down and gritty
This is money in the bank like you down wit' Diddy
This a helicopter ride around the city
And we love it cuz it brought us here
It's like a young mother braidin' her daughter's hair
It's beautiful
It's beautiful
[Break 'til fade]

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