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Without a warning - lyrics

Uh,flashback to the first time
I saw you I feel in love and you
smiled cuz you knew
After that I couldn'y see
my life without you
so for weeks I planned
my whole approach trough
So I could ask
the most important
question of my life so far
you said yes and I
gave you my heart
We talked every single
I tought we never would part
we went together
like canvas and art
But I guess I wasn't
thinking so straight
cuz you ended if after
so many dates
It was too spoon
but it was too late
to ask for a second chance
a brand new slate
It's hard to believe
it started off so well
cuz now that you're gone
every day I go trough hell
Let me take it
to the chorus
before my eyes start,
start to swell...uh...
I'm like oh
It's time to fact
the fact
that you're not
coming back
But I did my best
put you above
the rest
and you left
Without a warning...
...without a warning
I wish I could just wake up
from this dram tomorrow
and end all my sorrow
But that's not how works
now I need
a heart borrow
I can't make you love me
zo there no need to try
I need some question answers
I need to know why
Because it make no sense
how you intriduced
me to all of your friend
I met your parents
and your dog and your cat
And all that time
I tough you had my back
but I guess I was wrong
cuz here I am writing this song
Instead of your arms
like I planned all along
I try so stay strong
but that's not an option
cuz in the end
you'll alwais be gone
You're gone,
it's done...
I'm like...oh
It's time to face the fact
Yeah yeah
That you're not
coming back...
(You're not)
...coming back
But I did my best put above
the rest and you left
Without a warning
Without a warning
Without a warning
My friend think I am crazy
for being this obsessed
with one girl
But they don't get it
You were my everything
you were my whole
wide world
But that world's gone
and life moves on
I'll just have fun,
there's plenty of fish in the sea
And life's a wild ride
I'll try and
keep my seat belt on...
It's time to face to fact
That I'm not crawling back
(I'm not baby)
But I did my best
put you above the rest
And you left me without a warning
Yeah yeah
Without a warning
Without a Warning
Without a warning
Without a warning
Without a warning
Without a warning

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