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Daffyd Thomas - I'm Gay (Little Britain) - lyrics

Poor little poofter,
alone in his cell.
Spare a Thought for Woofter,
his life now a hell.
This beutiful Bumboy
is now doing time.
Is burgling Turds
such a terrible crime ?
So he gardens uphill.
Who are you to judge ?
Who cares if he's up all night
Packing Fudge ?
Open your hearts,
Open your eyes.
Stand proud and tall Daffyd sing to the skies.
I'm gay (Get over it)
I'm gay (Get used to it)
Yes, wake up you old Codgers,
for I like to hold mens Todgers.
I also love mens bottoms.
And I'm not affraid to say that
I'm gay,
a proper gay!
I'm gay (So live with it.)
I'm gay (So deal with it.)
I'm a member of Flock,
Who prefers a bit of cock.
Yes whenever I feel a glum,
I think of Nigel Harmen's bum,
beacuse I'm gay,
a proper gay.
Yes I'll say it loud,
I'll sing from the roof,
I'm Llandewi Breffi's number 1 Poof.
I'm gay (a real life gay)
I'm gay
Did I mention I was gay ?
Although I'm short and stocky.
I'm a first class sausage jockey.
I've only got a maggot,
but I'm proud to be a Faggot.
Yes I'm gay, a big fat gay.
He's gay
A homose**** gay.
He's gay.
A friend of Dora-thay
It's really all that heinous,
to gobble on a penis?
No I haven't tried it yet
but I planning to one day,
I'm gay
A proper gay
The only gay!

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