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Too Fortunate To Cry - lyrics


I’m here today so far away

But tomorrow I’ll be on my way home

Things we do and things we say

Sometimes make the world look so strange

And finally I realize I’m too fortunate to cry

But everything may end today and the tears, don’t ask me why

Everyday I hear you say I’m too fortunate to cry

And when you need a change of pace then don’t you stop this time

Once again I realize I must take a look behind

20 days, 4000 miles just made me see things right

Life is pain and pain turns to joy

Here I stand but I’m not the same guy

I am afraid and estranged

I need my space but I don’t wanna stay

There’s a place where nothing’s real

And everything you do is based on fear

They make you watch yourself on the screen

And when you’re done you just wanna puke

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Matthau Mikojan

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