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I Still Sleep Alone - lyrics

I've been sleeping with the light on
That window open wide
I leave the TV on
To break the quiet of the night
I've been keeping everything
Just the way you like
But it don't matter much
When it's cold there on your side
Tonight I'm down on my knees
Asking Jesus to bring you back to me
I still sleep alone, I'm waiting for you
Yeah don't you know I can't let you go
I'll keep waiting for you to come home
I still sleep alone
I've been sleeping with your picture
Right here at my side
You're still the last thing that I see
Before I close my eyes
Then I feel you there beside me
You're like that dream I can't forget
Until I wake up every morning
And look over to my left
Yeah My love never ends
You're the only one I ever want to hold.

Lyrics was added by Seneca