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Laughter Is the Best Medicine - lyrics

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Sugar and spice and everything weird
A tug on Jupiter's beard
Equal parts bay, henbane and kelp
A tooth from a spotted wolf's whelp
Garlic, cayenne, turmeric and lime
A wood spoon to stir into slime
Who's laugh?
Medicine, funky medicine
Nasty medicine
Medicine, kinky medicine
A taste of your own medicine
Sister Moon whisper the words over the fire
Homegrown medicine
Sensual purple of a deeper shade
Visions flash on a new blade
Montezuma's flesh; licorice tomb
The smile of a young girl in bloom
Add whatever you want for taste
And share! Don't let it go to waste!
Who's laugh?
Medicine, voodoo medicine
Chinese medicine
Medicine, tantric medicine
A taste of your own medicine
Honey, a little too much, exactly right
Who's laugh?
Medicine, goofy medicine
Country medicine
Medicine, freaky medicine
A taste of your own medicine
Medicine, cellular medicine
Planetary medicine
Medicine, outlaw medicine
Laughter is the best medicine

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