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Free Tommy Robinson from the UK's Orwellian B.. - lyrics

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Free Tommy Robinson
He has been fighting for us all
Against the invasion of body
Heart, mind, and soul
He is no coward like the rest of us
He says things that should be said
Free Tommy Robinson
From his prison
Before he's as good as dead
Free Tommy Robinson
He is the freedom of the press
A solitary companion
Like every great defender of the west
He was reporting in London
And they seized him
The police they brought him in
The judge showed him no mercy
And he threw him
Like Daniel to the lion's den
Free Tommy Robinson
He's a witness to the truth
For a generation where it's long been much overdue
He is no traitor to his country
Like the criminals in their cars
Selling out London as they drunkenly
Scarf down their caviar
With your rose colored glasses
You bury your head down in the sand
While Tommy Robinson wears chains around
His neck and his hands
Hauled away to some dungeon
To a dark place
A place you'd never want to be
Hoping to get out alive
But he ain't got no guarantees
Free Tommy Robinson
Set free the words that he says
Like an atomic sweater
Against the backdrop
Of your stubborn little head
Ain't no politician
Gonna save you from the truth
Free Tommy Robinson
Cause it's the only thing really
Left to do

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