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The Sweetest Melody - lyrics


Im , Im doing so fine
Im spending my time
Thinking about you and me baby,
high together we fly
In love you and I
Noone can deny what they see baby

I never felt this way
You`re with me night and day
Just trust me when I say
I'll never go away

Like the sweetest melody
Like a beautiful harmony
Like the biggest symphony
That`s what you are to me
Like a dream for eternity
Like a beautiful history
Like a meeting with destiny
That`s what you are to me

Free, Im finally free
You gave me the key
And opened the door to my heart
can't you see, that it's meant to be
You`re my destiny
And well never part cause this love is true

I never felt this way
For us I'll always pray
Your kisses make my day
You know I'll always stay
In love this way

Reach out and I will be there
I will never leave your heart I swear
And if the world isn`t fair
I'll be by your side I'll always care

Lyrics was added by atblatex

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